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"As a father of seven, I understand that we all need things fixed... yet we only have so much time.  So when things need to be repaired, you need reliable, trustworthy help.  I strive to exceed expectations by delivering great craftsmanship and timely results.  I have been working in the Columbus, Georgia community for over 15 years, treating each project as if it were my own home.  I charge by the job and not by the hour so you know what you are getting into.  I find it goes a long way to do what you say.  I live by a simple handshake and I look forward to working with you on your next project."


Nathan Weatherby

Owner- The Ultimate Handyman, LLC


There's definitely no shortage of handyman companies out there that simply subcontract random workers to fulfill their "too busy to care" workload.  Because of this, you really have no clue who is actually going to be working on your home.  That's an uncertainty not worth chancing on one of your biggest investments.  

Nathan Weatherby is a licensed and bonded Home Improvement & Repair Specialist with decades of construction and carpentry experience under his belt.  We can guarantee that when you call the Ultimate Handyman, LLC it will be Nathan who shows up to your home... Not some random subcontractor.

"Providing Excellent Customer Service Is Not Just Good Business... it's Our Priority!"

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